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“It has been 31 years, and I still consider [being sued for malpractice] the single worst experience of my life” -Dr. Stan A., Family Practice.

Only ~10% of malpractice claims are shown to have medical error associated with them, yet over 95% of patient plaintiffs receive payouts*, and physicians always suffer. Protect your career and all-important reputation from legal and financial exploitation! Our revolutionary risk-screening software provides a simultaneous ID confirmation and comprehensive liability analysis by pulling in real-time from thousands of public and court databases including city, state, county and federal records. All in under 60 seconds!

*Medscape Malpractice Report, 2017

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Litiscape, LLC has partnered with many of the top malpractice and general liability insurance carriers in the nation, all A-rated companies, to provide practitioners  who use our software with a significantly discounted premiums, saving our clients thousands. If you take advantage of our discount insurance program, we guarantee the savings will more than cover the cost of the software, creating a financial net-gain for your practice!

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