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``Know Your Patient, Know Your Risks``

Litiscape -The New Standard in Provider Protection and Informed Care

About Us

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The Background

The Malpractice System is Stacked Against Physicians


High Risk

Physicians Have a 99% Likelihood of Being Sued at least once, Up to 20% each Year


Insurance Claim

One Insurance Claim Can Increase Your Insurance Premiums by up-to 30%



96% of Plaintiffs Receive a Payout Despite Actual Medical Error in Only 10%-15% of Claims


Hours Lost

Physicians Spend 80hrs on Average Away From Their Practice to Dismiss a Frivolous Claim

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Insurance Discounts

Our software is so powerful and accurate at analyzing risk and potential liability that we’ve been able to negotiate malpractice insurance discounts for physicians who are subscribed to Litiscape. Paying too much on your current policy? Let us save you time and money while simultaneously protecting you from litigation and keeping you informed on exactly who you are treating. The benefits are endless, and are one simple step away.

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Understanding The Results

Long Term Consequences

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Emotional Drain

The average claim takes over 2 years to resolve, exacerbating physician burnout that’s already at an all-time high

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Insurance Premiums

All underwriters query malpractice history, and a single claim can increase your premiums by up to 30%

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All claims, regardless of whether they were dismissed, must be explained and defended every time a physician applies to work at a new institution.

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Many patients are scared away by the discovery of a malpractice claim, regardless of whether malpractice was actually committed or not

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About Us

An Innovative Solution

Knowledge is power, but lack of knowledge is vulnerability. Litiscape gives physicians the requisite knowledge to prevent that vulnerability. With Litiscape you will be able to mitigate risk and avoid litigation by knowing the risks and potential liabilities inherent in every patient that walks in your door. Our system leverages the most exhaustive database of background information in the nation to give you invaluable insights into exactly who you will be treating. We calculate a risk profile based on past litigation history, fraud, and criminal activity. Gone are the days where physicians were blind to potential disasters. With Litiscape, you will know your patient and your risks at a depth and accuracy that has never before been possible, before you even sit down to the first appointment. This really is the new standard in provider protection.

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Take a look inside

What Goes Into The Risk Profile?

Patient Profile Overview

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A More Complete History Allows For More Informed Treatment

Additional Benefits

-High-stress events may increase likelihood of stress-induced symptoms or depression and anxiety
-Multiple DUIs may be indicative of alcohol abuse, leading to decision to screen for cirrhosis and liver failure
-Drug arrests may put you on alert for drug-induced symptoms, and help you decide which medications may or may not be appropriate to prescribe

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